When Dreams Change

Have you ever wanted something so badly, for so long, that it was all you could think about day and night?  You would eat, drink, and sleep that dream, and everything you did revolved around it in one way or another?

And then something happens in your life…it can be something big and epic, or something small and seemingly insignificant…but it changes everything.  It changes how you see things, where you see yourself, what you envision for you future, and your life.  Ultimately, it changes your dreams.

For me, it was a trip to the East Coast for a friend’s wedding.  It.  Changed.  Everything.


One look at Lady Atlantic, and she stole my soul.  As cheesy as it must seem to you – I literally feel a physical ache since I left there.  Pulling at me to come back.  As if I left a part of me…a vital part….there.

Life is different there.  There’s no rat race.  No fast forward.  No competition for the bigger house – the nicer clothes – the more expensive car.

And this is where my dream changes….

It used to be that I wanted land…a lot of it.  Acres.  For growing gardens, and crops.  For raising small farm animals.  Without a neighbor in sight.  Living off the land, and as off-grid as possible.


What we have been talking about, is getting a fixer-upper.  Where we’re looking, you can get a decent sized house (that needs a large amount of TLC) for a fraction of a fraction of the price we would pay here!

We could be mortgage free in just a few years, fix up the house to our own liking….and be a five minute walk from the ocean!

No…I probably couldn’t have my chickens (or maybe I could, depending on the town’s laws…Hmm…something to look into!)….but I could definitely have bees! (Already looked into that one!!)  🙂  And no goats, or sheep, or pigs…and definitely no cow.  But the vegetable garden would still be on the table (figuratively an literally…ha!)

So as much as I feel that I’m “giving up” on my dreams, I’m really just, sort of readjusting them a little.


From homestead in the countryside, to keeping it “urban” in a little fishing town in Eastern Nova Scotia.

Now I have a new dream that I want so badly that I think about day and night.  That I eat, drink, and sleep, and everything I do revolves around it in achieving it, in one way or another.

So folks, it looks like my plan of turning My Little Urban Homestead into an actual homestead are, well, buried at sea! 🙂

East Coast….Here I come!