In Limbo

So it’s been four months since my last post, and I’ve been working relentlessly toward the goal of getting to the East Coast – but as with anything else, every day life tends to find ways to trip you up every step of the way.

A month ago, we moved our daughter into her dorm room…at University… three and a half hours’ drive from home.  I thought I might die…but I didn’t.  I miss her terribly, but I got used to not having her around the house rather quickly – so much so that I actually feel guilty about it!  Is that crazy?  Of course I want her home, but I know she’s okay, and that she’s out there chasing her OWN dreams, and that makes me so proud I cry when I stop and think about it too much.

Now, with her going to school – we’re not sure yet if it will be for four or five years – comes a hefty bill.  Student loans and grants are going a long way, but not quite far enough.  So now we’re not only saving to get out to where we want to be, but we’re also saving to pay the balance of her tuition.  It’s putting a bit of a damper on things, but I’m not giving up.

My husband seems to think we’ll be another couple of years where we are, before we can move…I don’t know if he’s a pessimist or a realist, or maybe I’m just really really hopeful and positive.  I’m really hoping to be out there this time next year, before the first snow flies…but I guess time will tell!

Soooo…. while we’re in limbo, I’m still making plans.

When we do move, we’re only going to be taking the best things with us, and then starting fresh out there…the less we move, the cheaper it will be for the moving service.  So I’m taking inventory of what we have, purging out what we don’t need,  don’t want, and making lists.  Oh, and giving new life to pieces I want to keep!

So this past weekend, I gave my bathroom a bit of a makeover.  Taking it from ‘Eeek to Chic’… I had this really old book shelf I’ve been using in there for storage, but it had literally been getting so jumbled and messy it was making the whole, already small bathroom, seem smaller, and look as if it belonged in a fraternity house.  Not really the look I was going for.

So armed with a couple cans of spray paint, I set out.  And I took it from this…

To this…

…and I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself!  Yes, my spray-painting skills need to be GREATLY improved on, but unless you’re looking real close, you can’t see the mistakes!  Some spray paint, new towels, and a new shower mat, and I’ve got a brand new bathroom…for under $100!!!  Crazy how a few little changes can make a huge difference!

Project number 2 – I desperately needed a big desk / work station / studio.  The corner of the living room was being misused – it was and eyesore and useless.  So the dog bed is going into the bedroom…the small desk will be my next project… and the space is now transformed from this… (ignore the horrible floor and big clumps of black dog hair!)

desk before

To this…

desk after

It’s not “pretty”, but it’s useful and will serve its purpose while we’re here.  The small stand at the end will get a new paint job to match the “teal/white/grey” theme I’ve got going, and I’ll hang some art work and a large cork board on the wall.

The adjustable saw-horses were on sale from $80 to $24, the sheet of press-board was $25, and the 2×10 hubby cut to keep it from bowing was free as it’s been sitting outside since last year.  So now I have a large work space for all my crafting and sewing and design work and even our regular boring office/bill/budget crap…all for under $75!

I’m taking advantage of every space I can use in this tiny 730 square foot home – and making the best of it while we’re here… which is hopefully not for too much longer!