Looking Back…

Laying in bed at the end of a very busy day (post to come tomorrow), and just reminiscing about this time of year, three years ago.

We experienced an ice storm like I’ve never seen before.  It was a Christmas we’re not about to forget!

It came so fast, and left so much carnage behind. People without power for days, burst water pipes, and thousands in damages for many people… it’s crazy how something so beautiful can also be so fatal. I guess Mother Nature really is the original Femme Fatale.


Welcome Winter

Welcome Winter, here overnight it seems.  I’m sure we’ll have green grass again before week’s end, but last night was the first substantial snow fall of the year for me.

To anyone who knows me, the fact that I’m not a fan of the season is no mystery.  However this year I vowed – to myself mostly – to embrace our Canadian Winter.  To not complain about the cold, or the snow, or ice, or sleet, or freezing rain, or slush, or cheeks that sting from the frigid air, and nostrils that stick together when you try to breathe outside…. nope.  I’m going to ENJOY Winter this year.

Well… of course all of this is still easy to say since it’s still rather mild outside.  I might change my tune once we get a couple of -20 or -30 Celsius days.  But for now, I stand firm.  Father Winter, welcome!!

This morning, I had to sweep 4 inches of wet heavy snow off of my car.  Hubby had been good enough to shovel two “paths” for my tires down the driveway (what a sweetie lol).


But I have to admit, the fluffy stuff covering everything was in fact very pretty – mesmerizing almost!  Like a clean white sheet on the bed, fresh from the line.  A blanket of snow seems to almost erase all of the ugliness.  Covers up the post-Autumn dullness and transforms it into a magical fairy land.

Sunrise in my backyard this morning

Lets hope this way of thinking stays with me for the next five or six months!

Mother Nature Willing

Our weather here in Southern Ontario has been a little wonky to say the least.  It’s late November now, and I just experienced my first snow yesterday.  It didn’t stay, which I’m completely okay with.  I’m not a big fan of Winter, to be truthful.  I grew up in Northern Ontario, where it wasn’t unheard of to have consistent -30 & -40 Celsius weather.


Nobody bats an eye, it’s just considered the norm.  A 5 hours drive South, and it’s not QUITE as cold and QUITE as consistent, but we do still get those days once in a while.  You would think growing up with those temperatures, I would be used to it.  Nope.  I should have been born in warm climate – I could really do with no cold or snow or ice… *shudder*.  But then again, I’m not a fan of those pesky mosquitoes and black flies either… and spiders…don’t even get me started!!  So if having winter is what keeps them at a bearable minimum (barely!)… then I guess I’ll choose the lesser of evils, and deal with the frigid air.  Sigh.


Our Rotti – Sherman – LOVES the snow and could spend hours playing in it!

Contrary to many beliefs, we Canadians do not live in igloos and have regular polar bear hunts.  Sorry to disappoint! haha

Gotta love those drifts!

So with all of this wonky weather Mother Nature has been plying us with, I’m really hoping for some decent weather this weekend.  The plan is to get my compost bins built and my hard cleaned up – and as good as my intentions are, it’s not exactly a rain-or-shine activity.  So I’m hoping for dry-ish, mild-ish weather.  I’ve been so excitedly looking forward to it however, that I may just end up doing it even in the rain (no promises, I change my main like I change my socks!)

So fingers crossed that I’ll have a great post on Monday morning, with pictures of my proudly finished bins and clean yard!!  Have a great Friday everyone!!

(All images above were taken last year at our old place in the country)