Lip Doctor

One of the things on my mile-long To Do List – on my road to becoming self-sufficient – is to eventually make all of my own health, beauty and hygiene products…au naturel of course!  So I thought I’d start off with something not only simple, but something I use on a daily basis!  Lip balm!  But not just ANY lip balm!  This is a copy-cat medicated lip balm recipe I found on Pinterest (of course!), and it really couldn’t be easier to make!  Only five ingredients too!

  • 3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbsp. Cocoa Butter (OMG this stuff smells AMAZING!!!)
  • 2 Tbsp. Beeswax
  • 3-4 Drops Vitamin E Oil
  • 72 Drops Wintergreen Essential Oil

That’s it!  I found bottled vitamin E oil at the health store in town but a bottle of vitamin E capsules was about half the price so I got that instead and used 1 capsule (poked it and squeezed the oil out of it).

So the instructions call for a double boiler, but I didn’t want to use mine for this so I improvised.  In my biggest pot, I dropped a mason jar drink lid and filled it with about three inches of water, and put my Pyrex bowl on the lid.  Voila!


I put all of the ingredients in the bowl, except for the essential oil – that’s added at the very end!  Turn the heat to medium – you don’t want it to boil but you want it hot enough to melt your ingredients.  Then stir occasionally until it’s all melted, and remove from heat!

You don’t want to take your time too much here because it doesn’t take very long for it to solidify again.  If that happens, don’t worry, just put it back in the hot water pot until it’s melted again – no biggy! 🙂

Once it’s off the heat, add your 72 drops of Wintergreen essential oil and stir so it’s well incorporated.


I didn’t want to make a mess – and knowing me, I would have – so I used a medicine syringe to fill my pots.  This made enough to fill three 1 oz glass pots (I believe you can fill 20 lip balm tubes if you want to go that route.)

Honestly, I love Blistex medicated lip balm – I just don’t love all of the ingredients.  When this is something I put on my mouth, and ultimately will end up ingesting in some amounts whether I want to or not…well, I’d like to know there’s nothing icky in there.  This lip balm has nothing but natural and beneficial ingredients, and you can feel good about putting it on your skin.  You’re not going to find the gooey,petroleum jelly-like consistency here…it’s a little thinner because it’s oils and butters…but one swipe on my lips, and I’m sold!


As for price differences…well, lets see!  My tub of Blistex cost me $4.99 and it’s about half the size of one of these pots.

Here’s my breakdown:

Coconut oil – Free…a friend gave it to me.

Cocoa Butter – $16.99 for a 7 oz. jar…I don’t know how it’s calculated but when I grated out 2 Tbsp. I still had a shit ton left.  Probably enough for another 10 batches or more.  So cost for this batch is about $1.54

Beeswax – $5.99, and I only used about 1/8th of my piece.  Cost for this batch is about $0.74

Vitamin E Oil – $8.99 for the bottle, and it has 100 capsules.  I used 1.  Cost for this batch, $0.09

Essential Oil – $22 for 15mL.  I used 72 drops, which is about 1/6 of the bottle.  Cost for this batch, $3.66

Glass pots – 3 @ $0.99 each – $2.97

So this batch cost me $9.00 in total, for three 1 oz pots…$3 each.  And remember, they’re twice the size of the store bought version, so to get the same amount of the store bought, I’d have to pay $9.98.  My friends, I just saved myself $20.94…not too shabby!!!! 🙂  Now granted, I did save a little on my coconut oil, but even if I had purchased it, it takes so little for the recipe that you’d probably only be adding a few cents per pot.

I don’t know about you… but that makes me really really happy!

First DYI Product Project…SUCCESS!!!!


13 thoughts on “Lip Doctor

  1. Love it! I wish I could make this up but I’d have to do it in someone elses home (person I live with is allergic to coconut). I can’t tell you how awesome it is to find a more local (I live in Toronto) homestead dreamer…I love the USA or BC homesteaders i follow but it seems like Ontario based homesteaders are lacking so I expect you’ll get quite sick of my comments because I’ll be popping by often!

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  2. Hah! I poured my lip balm mixture into tiny lip balm containers (think skinny tube) using a small measuring cup. Talk about a mess! I could have rubbed my lips almost anywhere on the counter by the time I was finished. Like your clever syringe idea much much better!

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