Back to Work!

Is it just me, or is the last day of your holidays before you have to go back to work always the fastest day you can remember?  I swear, I just woke up, and now it’s 7:30 and I’ve gotta go back to work tomorrow.  Not that I don’t like my job – I do – but honestly, who wouldn’t want to just be home and do what THEY want all the time?? 🙂

I can’t wait for the day that I do have my land, and my own off-grid homestead, and a passive income source, so I can quit working for a paycheck.  A lot of people would probably think I’m crazy to think that’s even possible.  In a world where everyone is just looking for more – more money, more stuff – I’m actually looking for less.  Well, not yet – I still need the money right now so I can become debt-free and have a little nest egg – but the plan is to have a modest passive income that will enable to me to stay home and ‘keep house’ …or rather, ‘keep homestead’!


I need your help, fellow homesteaders and bloggers!!  How do you do it?  How do, or did,  you create an income source to allow you to quit your day job?  Or do you still have a day job?  I’m looking for ideas on what I can do to build this NOW, so that when the time comes in three to five years, it’s already fully established and polished and running like a well-oiled machine.  I live in town, so any type of income from farming is out of the question for now.  What are YOUR sources of income?  I know a lot of you have thousands of followers – are you able to generate any revenue from your blogs?  If so, how, and is it substantial enough to live off of?  Help!!!




8 thoughts on “Back to Work!

  1. Valerie

    Is there a way gardening could provide you with an income? I don’t know how big a space you have for a garden (container, greenhouse or land plot) but if you have enough, maybe you could sell your excess at a local market. That would provide a source of income at least part of the year. ^_^

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  2. I’m in the same boat as you… Would love to have a homestead but where we want to do so (just north of Huntsville in a town called Kearney). We want to move up there to the family cottage and while we don’t really mind working in town, in the long run we’d like to not have to for part of the year. We don’t have professions so we’d be working minimum wage type jobs though hubby has his security license that is our backup. Because the only road from our cottage is a two lane paved road bordered by a lake on one side and a cliff on the other we’d rather not have to go into town (huntsville) to work every day in the winter so are exploring what we could do to subsidize those earnings…. I’m thinking of selling some of the eggs we hope to have chicken, quail, duck and geese. Also if permitted will have a goat or two to make soap. Also looking into selling seedlings, seeds and produce as well as me learning how to spin and dye my own fibres. Here’s a link I found about 52 ways to make money off a homestead:


    1. I’ve read that one before as well 🙂 lol. It’s beautiful country there, I go through Huntsville every time I go back home to visit my mom (further North to Sturgeon Falls). I don’t know yet where I want to be, but I do know that I want my homestead to be my job.


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