Garden by Design ~6~

I have to admit it.  I’m sorta, kinda, very much addicted to pesto.  I love it!  Pasta just isn’t the same without it, chicken and fish dishes rise to a whole new level, and roasted potatoes…I’m drooling just writing about it!  It’s like, summer in your mouth, with every single mouth-watering bite!  And I know these days there are thousands of recipes using all different types of herbs…but for me, the classic, fresh taste of basil remains the best!


And if the bright green, fragrant and delectable leaves aren’t enough to entice any gardener,  the health properties should help tip the scales!  Not only is it good for heart health, but it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will allow you to get healthy without the prescriptions.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a huge deal for me!  I found this amazing blogger (her image below with web address),  her posts are really informative and I think you’ll like her!!


In the garden, it’s also a little sanity saver.  It’s been known to repel flies, mosquitoes (Yayyy!!!), asparagus beetles and whiteflies!  Now, I don’t plan on growing asparagus this year, but I could definitely do without flies and mosquitoes!!!  I think this one will be planted in the main garden beds AND on the patio garden!

And of course, as much as I love it and want to save every bit of it…I’m not completely greedy!  A couple of plants will be grown specifically to leave to flower, so I can give back a little by feeding the bees and other beneficial pollinators…and save a few seeds in the process!  It’s all about give and take with dear old Mother Nature!


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