Garden by Design ~5~

After all of the pretty colors I’ve added so far, I think I’m overdue for some fragrant greenery.  I’m going to have a lot of fresh herbs for cooking but the first one I’m going to talk about is Rosemary.


Not only does this grow in a beautiful lush bush, but it also has so many great benefits for your garden, your home, and your health!

In the garden, it can be your own little bodyguard for your carrots, cabbages, and beans!  I looked it up, and all of those veggies are okay to plant together – BONUS! – so the idea is to plan my garden so that I’ve got all three of those yummies growing in the same general area, and then surround them with a few rosemary bushes!  This green beauty will keep the carrot flies at bay, wage war on the cabbage  worm (cabbage looper), plan a secret attack on the slugs and snails, and organize a coup against the Mexican bean beetle!  I’ve found this list incredibly informative!

We all know that it goes wonderfully with a juicy rack of lamb, but it also does so much more.  When you look up the health benefits of Rosemary – the first one that usually comes up is that it does wonders in boosting your memory!  So if you’re anything like me (my long term memory is fabulous – short term?  Not so much!) you might want to also keep some in a pretty pot on your kitchen counter!  I haven’t done this just yet, but it’s definitely going to happen as soon as Hubby builds me my window shelves above the kitchen sink!


It’s also said that the aroma will help combat stress, anxiety and improve your overall mood!  Feeling a little crabby?  Stick your face in this little cutie and inhale deeply a couple of times!

But that’s not all!  It also helps strengthen your immune system, relieve tummy troubles, fight bad breath and bacterial infections, help blood flow, and be a general natural pain reliever!  You can read more about all of these in the same place I did – HERE!



All in all – a great addition to any garden, big or small!  What’s in YOUR garden?


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