Welcome, New Year…Goodbye to the Old

It’s so very easy to complain about all of the bad things that have happened to us in the past twelve months.  So easy to frown and say ‘oh it’s been a rough year’, or ‘2016 hasn’t been kind to me’ and ‘I really hope next year is better’.  I’m guilty of all of those things, year after year.  Aren’t we all?

On the radio today, I heard a message I needed to hear.  How about we flip the tables, and instead we look at all the GOOD things that have happened to us this year.  At everything we’ve accomplished – all the fun and adventures we’ve had – the friends we’ve seen – the new things we’ve tried…how about we leave the negativity behind for once?


We, all of us, go through roller coasters of ups and downs every single year.  It’s time to focus on the good.

  • January started with champagne and o.j. with raspberries, in the company of wonderful friends, followed by high tea, a night out attempting line dancing, frigidly cold weather (to which I complained openly), and wonderful gifts from Mother Nature right in our back yard!  Oh, and I can’t forget seeing my talented daughter on stage for the first time!
  • In February, I left a job where I was miserable (they gave me flowers! I love flowers!), and started a new job with an amazing company, full of amazing people I’ve come to know as friends – 10 months later, I’m still loving it!  (I started this new job on Leap Day – I think that has to be good luck!)…February also brought me an amazing evening out with my siblings-in-law, for a dinner an paint night (where I painted more than just my canvas!)


  • March brought me fun and entertainment when I got to see George Canyon up close and personal at Nashville North…AND got to see one of my favorite radio personalities!!  What a night that was!
  • In April, Hubby and I had our own Paint Night date night fun!  (No I’m not taller than him – I’m standing on a step!!)  It’s also the month we got our new-to-us truck (Sherman doesn’t seem to like it at all hahaha!), and I got to spend some quality time with my girl Reese!

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  • In May, I had a wonderful time at a girl’s getaway weekend in wine country, where we spent countless hours laughing and eating and drinking copious amounts of alcohol around a camp fire, and then a fire place when the weather stopped cooperating.
  • In June, I had the pleasure to witness the wedding of my brother-in-law and sweet beautiful new sister-in-law. (I was also able to snag a shot with both of my in-laws at once – a once in a lifetime occurrence!!)  I also celebrated 9 years of having been with my husband (together-versary!) – Oh, and since nobody wanted to go with me, I went on a solo day-trip to the Burlington Sound of Music Festival and had a blast!
  • I want to put something down for July, but honestly I can’t find anything…still, something good must have happened!!! 🙂
  • In August, we celebrated Hubby’s birthday with a massive backyard BBQ party.  We also got the keys to this house we’re now living in, which is going to be the ticket to our dream (Follow my “Method & Madness” series to see how!)
  • September was my girl’s 17th birthday.  Just having her, makes every single day something to celebrate – she makes me so proud each time I look at her!  Beautiful from the inside out, she’s truly a gem!  September was also the month in which my co-founded non-profit organization was born!


  • October came, and with it our 4th wedding anniversary.  Also, well….it IS Halloween month after all..and that alone makes it a great event!  Although I didn’t win the costume contest at work, I still had a great time creating my costume! (FYI – when applying liquid latex to eyebrows, make sure to protect them before hand…unless you don’t mind going without for a while!)  …October also brought with it an amazing weekend away with my BFF where we stayed in one of Canada’s most haunted Bed & Breakfasts…in the tower room no less!  What an amazing weekend that was!
  • In November, I created this blog! …’nuff said!
  • December has been simply wonderful.  A month in which I finally found my Christmas Spirit, which had been evading me for the last 15 years.  Even if it was here for just a little while, just the fact that I got to experience the true feeling of Christmas by being able to give it to someone else, was enough. ♥


So lets all just stop complaining – we need to instead, start counting our blessings, and recognizing and focusing on the good moments.  Those are the ones that really count.

We can all wish each other good health, and wealth…but really, that’s overdone.  No amount of wishing good health on someone will have any actual effect on it, and wealth is relative.

So…what I wish for everyone for the new year, is to learn to how to let go of the negative, embrace the positive, be persistent when chasing your dreams, and please don’t give up on them!  Reach out to help another, and be humble enough to accept it in return.  Always offer a smile and a kind word, and expect nothing in return.  Be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Happy New Year my friends, may 2017 be just as filled with wonderful moments as every year past.


5 thoughts on “Welcome, New Year…Goodbye to the Old

  1. Wow.. What a lovely Positive Post and such a lovely family.. Good luck with the keeping of the Amaryllis Bulb.. And thank you so much for leaving me your thoughts on my Gardening Blog..
    This Logo will take you to my main blog..if you are wondering who I am..
    Love and Blessings and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year xx

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