Garden by Design ~3~

I’m breaking my own rule with this one I’m afraid – these plants don’t seem to have any other purpose besides being pretty.  I’m planting them simply because I love them – its delicate blooms, elegant twirling vines, and simple yet breath-taking beauty.

Morning Glories, Clematis, and Moonflowers.  No, not the poisonous Jimsonweed Moonflower, but rather Moon Vine, or ‘night-blooming Morning Glory’, if you will.


I say these don’t have a second purpose, but I’m sort of wrong.  As pretty as they are, I can use these to create a beautiful privacy screen on our back patio, in between my herb planters (future post)… I can picture it now: Fragrant multi-tiered boxes of gorgeous herbs and flowers, interspersed with trellised Moon Vine, Morning Glories and Clematis.  Can you see it??  Or maybe an arch of some sort… I haven’t really decided – I just know they’ll be beautifully featured!

Oh Spring, please come quickly!!  How I’m looking forward to all of these planting and tending and nurturing!  My wonderful mother-in-law gave me these Moon Vine seed pods for my birthday, from her own garden.  I can’t wait to see them bloom and share with all of you!


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