Happy Birthday To Me!

Another year older…well, another 24 hours older really.

It rained.  And I mean POURED.  All.  Day.  Long.

And yet, today has been simply amazing.  I slept in, and when I finally found the will to lift my body out of bed, I just transported it to my lounge chair in the living room and plunked my butt down there for a couple of hours.

I love that my friends and family know me…I mean, really know me.  Most of my day – other than an hour brunch date with my lovely daughter at the pancake factory – was spent for the most part in that chair, flipping through Christmas presents.  When I say flipping, it’s because one of them is a copy of Mother Earth Living – I mean, what better gift to give a homesteader, right??


And then when that was done – cover to cover – I switched over to a present from Hubby’s aunt; Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes cookbook!  Not only do I LOVE Jamie Oliver – I mean c’mon, just LOOK at him in all is blue-eyed, full lips, adorable dimple-ness – but this is going to come in extremely handy for the new blog I added on to this one: The Newbie Foodie …check it out if you’re so inclined!   (it’s just starting out, doesn’t really have anything on it yet – fair warning!)  I can’t wait to get more into that one as well!


Well – I’m all sugar’d out from the last two days, and unfortunately it’s back to work in the morning, so I bid you all a very good night my friends!



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