Scavenging & Winter Projects

I have to say, I think I’ve gone a little bit compost crazy since I built my DIY pallet compost bin…I’m saving every bit, every crumb, and thinking up new ways on how I can get MORE in my bins.

I’m becoming a compost fuel scavenger…and I’m proud of it!!

I bought a medium sized glass canister with a lid from the dollar store, taped on a cute little sign, and plunked it on the counter in the kitchen at work (with approval, of course!).  Veggie and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and filters, and ripped up tea bags and used loose leaf tea…I can’t believe I’m this excited over food scraps, but when I brought home the full canister yesterday and tossed it on my snow-covered compost pile, I got a warm tingly feeling and a perma-smile on my face.


And Hubby was nice enough to shovel a path for me from the back patio to the bins, so I don’t have to trudge through deep snow to get to them.  What a sweetheart!

In the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping to have a couple of small outdoor projects done – a bird / squirrel feeder with seeds and stale bread (I ready that bread products shouldn’t go in the compost bin, so I’m finding new ways to ‘reuse’ it.), and I want to make suet feeders as well.  We don’t cook a lot of bacon, so I’m probably going to have to hit the dollar store for the actual suet, unless I can find a recipe that doesn’t use bacon fat (any suggestions??)…  and a bit of red ribbon.  I’m hoping to attract some of the Blue Jays and Cardinals that I’ve seen flutter around!

I kind of like these ideas (found on Pinterest of course!)… but have my own idea with these cute little “buckets” I found at the thrift store, and a piece of silver birch for a perch!  (pictures to come!)

2 thoughts on “Scavenging & Winter Projects

  1. Valerie

    Haha! I got like this when first doing a massive decluttering – looking for more and more (and more!) to donate!! I’m going to be looking into composting soon but there is too much going on here at the moment to start a new project. I love the look of that saucer suet! Cute ^_^


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