The Back Burner

So as Old Man Winter has decided to show up so suddenly (well… it is mid-December, but it seems we went from green grass to Winter Wonderland overnight) and cover everything in my back yard in about a foot of snow, it seems some of my plans have now been put on the back burner until Spring (or at least until some of this snow melts and I can access the wood!)

This will give me time to perfect my design (just trying to sound smart here, it’s a box with sticks up the back lol).  Most likely however, it will give me time to really concentrate on the INSIDE of the house.

I’ve given you two installments in my “Method & Madness” series, but before I can really do any further installments, I need to get my butt in gear and actually get things completed!  Most rooms are MOSTLY done, but there are major factors still at play that need to be completed before I can really show any ‘before & after’ shots.  I have all of the ideas in my head – now it’s to find not just the time, but the dollars (as much as it’s not going to cost a lot, it’s still going to cost SOMEthing, and well, it’s 12 sleeps until Christmas and I haven’t purchased a single gift yet.)

I think my next indoor room to complete will the the washroom, mostly because it’s the smallest room and needs the least attention.  And that means a faster finish line to the next installment!  I THINK I might be able to do this before the end of December, but please don’t hold me to it!

What I’ve got left to do in that room before I can show it off:

  • Fix the heat register
  • Get a magnet for the old medicine cabinet so the door will stay closed
  • Re-finish an old book shelf as bathroom storage
  • Do something about the weird pieces of wood above the toilet (???)
  • Get a small, simple curtain to try and disguise the odd color window frame (who buys beige windows???)
  • Another coat of paint (I really want to do this, but this part might actually wait until Spring when I can open the windows)
  • Relocate the toilet paper holder

Seems like a long list, but most of those are small things that will take minutes.  I can’t wait to show you the before and after!  When you get one single SMALL bathroom for an entire family, you want to make it as pretty and as efficient as possible!  So that’s what is now on my FRONT burner…can’t wait to share!

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