Show & Tell – Do What You Love

Ever since the idea came to me, that I wanted to be a homesteader, I knew I would have a lot of changes to make in my life.  To be the type of homesteader I want to be – the kind who doesn’t only make a LIFE, but also makes a LIVING, on their homestead.

I love my job, and I love the company I work for.  Do I want to be in the 9 to 5 forever?  Of course not.  It doesn’t mesh very well with the lifestyle I’m chasing.  So I need to find ways to still have income, without having an actual J.O.B.  Many do it – so why not me?

So I’ve been in an almost perpetual state of brain storm for over a year now (longer, if I’m honest).  Dreaming up different ways to create this income.  There are so many ideas flooding the internet, and there isn’t a wrong one.  What I like, is that I can do multiple things.  My income doesn’t have to come from one single avenue.  This also creates security, because if the one thing you’re doing stops working…then what??  If you’re doing a variety of things, the rest will keep you afloat.

Over the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and Pinterest-ing.  Found a lot of the same, tried and true, homestead money-makers.  Tree farming – egg selling – day old chick selling – wool – meat – milk – cheese – bartering – blogs with affiliate programs.  These are all AMAZING ideas, many of which I want to attempt!  But sitting here tonight, putting the finishing touches on a baby gift I made for a co-worker, a new idea dawned on me.

“Do what you love.  Do what you’re good at.”

Let me rewind a little bit, and in the process, introduce another little part of me I haven’t really delved into yet.

A few months ago, while browsing Facebook, the idea came to me that I wanted to make Blessing Bags for the homeless this winter.  Well, after speaking with a good friend about it, that idea grew like wild fire, and before we knew it, H.H.U.G.S. was born.  H.H.U.G.S. is a non-profit organization (still unregistered because we’ve been too busy spending the dollars on the bags instead of the application), that aims to help the homeless and less-fortunate population of Ontario.  It stands for Helping Hands Unite & Give Support.  (check us out on Facebook, @hhugsteam).

Well, this friend that I partnered up with starting making hats to put in these bags, and to donate to multiple shelters.  I wanted to help.  I can’t really knit, and a crochet hook looks like a torture device.  So armed with a 50% off coupon, off to Michael’s I went and got myself a pack of looms!  …long story short, I found out I’m actually good at it, but more importantly, I LOVE LOOMING!  Yeah yeah, you can say knitting is an old-lady sport.  I’ll be old one day so I might as well learn now! haha

So… fast-forwarding back to right now  –  at the moment, almost every piece I make is either for the bags, or to sell for profit to go towards the organization.  BUT!  After we’re registered, and we can legally accept monetary donations, I’m thinking and hoping, that we will do really well and be able to help a lot of people…without our own hats.  Which brings me to tonight.

This gift I was putting the finishing touches on, is a newborn baby beanie, booties, and baby cocoon.  I also made one for my boss and his wife who are expecting a baby in March.  I loved making these things, they didn’t take an eternity to make, and without sounding cocky, I think I’m pretty good at it!


So I looked them up on Etsy, and my eyes grew big at the prices they’re going for (and most of them without the booties or the beanie!)…and that, dear friends, got my gears turning.  When HHUGS no longer needs my hats, I can turn this newfound talent and hobby into a money-making venture, that I can do at home, in the evenings, when all the farm chores are done, while sitting in front of the fireplace, and bring in a pretty.decent.income.


I’d like to take a poll, and please don’t cheat!!!  No using Google and looking on Etsy or any other website.  How much do you (yes, you!) think I should be selling this for?


What are your talents and hobbies?  Do you think you could use them to make money?  What methods to you use to make money on your homestead if you don’t hold a traditional job?  I would really love and appreciate all of your thoughts and ideas!!!!

7 thoughts on “Show & Tell – Do What You Love

    1. Thank you so much!!! xox 🙂 I don’t mind my 9-5 (more like 8-5) right now (it really helps when you work with amazing people and for an awesome company that really treat their employees like family)… but that still doesn’t mean I want to do it forever. I wasn’t built to work in an office… I was designed to be outside, in the wild wild west (or whatever direction my inner compass brings me) 🙂

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      1. I went to a ffa school in high school for my freshman year..i learned a 6 years ago when i was pregnant with my youngest i realized my dream of a farm. I started working to get a house so now im going to try hard to lose the 7 to 5 that i work. I dont dislike my job but its not my dream and i wake up a lot dreading work. Im a customer service rep for a trash company and i answer the phone all day. Not my cup of better with paperwork and numbers.

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      2. I’m also a customer service rep, but for a freight broker. I do talk on the phone a bit, but I would say 80% of what I do is through email. The entire company right now is 23 people, and 10 of them are related. It’s really a great place to work – I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best job I’ve ever had. But it’s still a job. I still work for someone, follow a set schedule, and get a pay cheque every Friday. It’s not what I long for.

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