All Aboard!

In the past, whenever a thought would pop into my head, as much as I would hope the whole family would be on board with it, it was usually just me and my wild ideas.  To be perfectly fair however, I’ve been known to dream up things, start them, and never finish them or follow through.  So I guess in their defense, it was all just “another phase” I was going through.  It wasn’t, but I didn’t do much to help my cause by treating it as such.

Now it really feels different.  Since the move, and especially since I built my compost bin, it seems more and more that we’re all aboard the same ship!  Hubby keeps telling me what a great job I did on it, and he’s even emptying my kitchen bucket for me without prompting…  and Kiddo is emptying her rabbit’s soiled bedding in there as well!  Yay for composting!!!!


I’ve got SO MANY more ideas, which I will implement ever so slowly, one at a time.  My course of action now is to put something into the mix, and give them time to adjust and come to terms with it before adding something else.  And I guess give myself the time as well – I don’t want to take on too much at the same time and get overwhelmed with it all and give up.

Some of the things I plan to do, well, they may not be for all of us and I may very well end up being the only participant.  My biggest idea is to eventually be virtually zero-waste.  I know it can be done, but I also know with my family it’s not going to be easy.  Things like the ‘personal cloth’ will probably NOT fly with them…at all.  But it’s worth a shot!  But I’ll start with an easier version, with replacing paper towels with washable and reusable rags and cloths.  I think that’s going to be my next indoor project, or ‘step’…(already in the works, but shhh…don’t tell, they might start stashing rolls of paper towels!! haha)

So here’s to baby steps, and trying new things!  To being green, and self-sufficient, and planet-loving!  And here’s to being all aboard!


11 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. peggyjoan42

    Good luck on changing things in your life. It is sometimes hard to get the family to follow your lead. My family has accomplished some of the changes you are striving to achieve. Cloth over paper towels is a hard one.

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    1. I think it’s a convenience thing. I mentioned a few times before the move that I wanted to start doing what at this new place…and one of the first things Hubby came home with is a ginormous package of paper towels. I’m aiming to wean it out as this pack runs out…fingers crossed!!!

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  2. I always hollered at my family. Paper napkins are cheaper than paper towels! Towels are cheaper than paper towels! Don’t hold your brother upside down! Oops. That was a different conversation. They finally caught on and now Mr. C even asks what he should use sometimes.

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  3. To go at it together as a team makes a huge difference. It is funny how some things are just habit, like composting, and preferences do change. I couldn’t find my cloth napkins for quite some time when we moved. We had a lot of paper ones people had given us in care packages, so we used those. None of us liked them and hadn’t realized how accustomed we had become to cloth.

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    1. I’m hoping the same happens here. By this time next year, my daughter will mostly be living at my mother-in-law’s in the city while she attends university, so I’ll only have ONE kid (Hubby) to contend with lol I’ve already sneakily switched up the sponges in the kitchen for dish cloths…shhhhhh

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