Off on another Pinterest project adventure!  I’ve seen this so many times, and I’ve been meaning to try it for so long but never really got around to it.

Can these wannabe-green thumbs of mine manage to grow an avocado tree?  Here’s hoping!!

So poking toothpicks into an avocado pit is actually a lot easier than I expected!  I honestly thought I would break a few toothpicks, or end up with one sticking out of my finger instead of the pit.  Nope, they went in like butter!  Perfect!

They say to make sure you determine which end is up, and which end is down.   The top is slightly more pointed then the bottom, so if you drop your pit and it rolls around and you don’t know up from down anymore, that’s what you look for.  The simpler way however is just to inspect it before you take it out of the fruit – mine was easy, the bottom had a little pale spot on it.

Clean it with cool water and get all of the fruit off.  I was having a little trouble getting it all off, so I scrubbed it lightly with a clean cloth under the tap (in retrospect, I shouldn’t have used the cloth, might have had a little soap on it…)  My little pit started looking rather sad and wrinkled, and little inexperienced-me thought it was rotting, and so I tossed it.  Hours later, I found out that it’s normal for it to look that way…so sad that I composed a probably perfectly good little avocado pit!!

Insert your toothpicks (three or four – whatever is your preference) around the middle, spaced evenly, like arms reaching out.

Fill a clean glass container with water, and sit your arm-y avocado pit on top, with its round little bottom sitting snugly in the water.  Put it in a sunny place… and …sigh… wait.  (You might want to change the water every couple of days to avoid algae or mold growing.

Once you’ve got some rootage and some stemage (Edie-isms), you’re ready to plant your little tree!!

… Soooooo I’m trying this thing again, and armed with a little more knowledge, and SLIGHTLY more patience… I wait…  Hopefully, pictures of a pretty little rooted and stemmed pit are to come in two to six weeks! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pit-falls

    1. I don’t know if I’ll get fruit, but I should get a tree! 🙂 They say they can go outside in the summer but if our weather goes below 40F then it’s time to take it indoors… and we have to watch for aphids. There’s lots of info on it online. 🙂 Let me know how you make out!!

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      1. Well, I’ve discovered an advantage to having Spot and Penguin in the tub. I had fruit flies because I brought some herb pots in from outside & the flies came with them. But they migrated to the bathroom because of the ducks. And ducks, I’ve learned, can snatch a fruit fly in mid-flight! Yeah, the bathroom isn’t entirely user-friendly right now but the fruit flies are all gone! So, if they can eat fruit flies from the air I’m going to assume they’ll eat aphids from a tree. I guess I’ll just have to hold them up to it!

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