Oh, the whether outside is frightful, but the fire’s so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go……..

Well…not really.  I mean yeah, it’s a little “fresh” out there,to say the least…but there’s no fire, unfortunately.  (How I long for a wood burning fireplace!!)  And I’m trying and trying, but that Christmas Spirit is still being frustratingly elusive…

We picked up our Christmas tree the other day.  From the grocery store.  Not very festive.  It was a spur of the moment, ‘oh we should get it now’, purchase after we walked out with the grocery cart, but still I thought it would help in changing my mood.  Now it’s sitting in our living room, naked as a jaybird.  It’s looking a little forlorn and needs a little bling, a-sap!


But still, something about the smell of pine just adds a bit of that proverbial holiday warmth to the room.  This weekend, it’ll get a little color!  A little twinkle.  Maybe that’ll help…

I also planned on having done some holiday baking already, but a few days ago my oven decided to stop working.  Joy.  So much for the smells of brown sugar and cinnamon and vanilla filling the house (grumble grumble grumble)…  But lo and behold, a friend and co-worker is selling one for only $70!  So this weekend, I will also have a new-to-me stove, and hopefully get a batch or two of cookies and few loaves in there!! 🙂   I’ve got some bananas not-so-patiently waiting in the freezer, and I’m thinking maybe an apple-raspberry loaf…YUM!!  Some orange-cranberry muffins maybe??  Oh… and can’t forget the DELISH-looking loaded baked potato soup recipe from The Comfortable Coop that I’m going to attempt this weekend!!! 🙂  I can just smell the house already!!!

All is not lost… there’s still 17 sleeps before Christmas… still a little time to find that Christmas Spirit I’ve so been pining for!!!!!     …Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!

6 thoughts on “Pine-ing

  1. I hope you find your Christmas soon! I love to bake too- and that always helps me get in the mood! My poor children have always had an artificial tree- but we all made a pact that next year- we are chopping one down! Nothing is better than smelling a fresh tree! When you get the pretty lights on- let us see! I always love seeing everyone’s trees!

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